How to generate revenues from social videos with Reeporter and get paid

1/ Sign up to and subscribe to the Free Plan with Ads :

2/ Create a video automatically from a web page, edit it as you you wish, make sure, you have an ad present on the first slide.

Edit the video as much as you wish, then generate it (click on ‘Generate video’ )

After few minutes your video will be ready for sharing

3/ Share the video on your social networks

4/ Every 1st or 2nd day of the month, connect to your social networks to check the total views of your ad-supported videos.

5/ Copy the screens with the stats like the example below

6/ Make a table with your total eligible views and send it to us at

7/ You’ll be paid within 30 days

In order to be eligible for our program, please provide us with the screenshots as well as a summary table as shown after.

-Total views

-Average viewing time

Please note that only videos with an average viewing time above 7 seconds are eligible and generate revenues.

How to get your Tik Tok eligible views?

How to get your Youtube shorts eligible views?

How to get your Instagram eligible views?

How to get your Facebook eligible views?

Now, Sum up to these datas in a table respecting the format below and send it to us!

Make sure that your Paypal or Bank details feature on the email you will send us.

Very impotant note: Reeporte rmay at anymoment request access to your account analytics directly to check the declared numbers and validate the numbers sent.

This process is not systematic from our side but we are free to check any report any time by accessing your social accounts directly.

I case you refuse to grant us direct access to these account, your views will not be eligible for payment.