Brand awareness and reach for lifestyle publishers: Reeporter’s expertise in transforming articles and texts to video

The importance of brand awareness for Lifestyle publishers among Generation Z and millenials

Lifestyle, fashion and beauty publishers cover the latest trends in clothing, cosmetics, skincare, and lifestyle. It includes updates on new product launches, fashion shows, beauty tips, and insider insights into the fashion and beauty industry. These publishers essential to ensure objective and independent information.

Their existence and notoriety among Generation Z is a vital necessity to inform fashion enthusiasts, beauty lovers and industry professionals and to ensure that real, sincere and independent information prevails over sponsored influencers.

The Appeal of Fashion and Beauty News

Fashion and beauty news appeals to a wide audience, from style-conscious individuals to professionals in the fashion and beauty industries. It provides inspiration for personal style, beauty routines, and lifestyle choices. Fashion and beauty news also creates a sense of community among readers, fostering discussions about trends, products, and techniques.

Nevertheless, today, publishers’ brands are losing notoriety among the younger generations, from generation Z to millenials, who get their information mainly from influencers on social networks such as Instagram and Tiktok.

Reeporter’s Commitment

At Reeporter, we understand the allure and impact of fashion and beauty news. As a company specializing in converting articles and text to videos for social media (very short vertical videos that sum up and illustrate the articles) , we are dedicated to delivering the most stylish and engaging content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics that matches both publisher’s brands codes that Social networks’

Our advanced technology enables journalists to create visually stunning videos from their articles, offering an immersive experience for fashion and beauty enthusiasts.

How Reeporter Supports Fashion and Beauty publishers

  1. Rapid and Efficient Transformation: Our artificial intelligence technology allows journalists to quickly convert their articles into videos, by just pasti,ng the articvle url in a form
  2. Stylish Content: We create brand-specific templates that integrate the brand’s design and graphic codes. It then create dynamic videos that showcase the latest trends and products in a visually appealing way.
  3. Fidelity to Facts: We are committed to preserving the accuracy and integrity of the information.
  4. Social networks visual codes : Reeporter AI offer very exclusive options to make the social videos match both the brand’s design and social networks visual codes.
  5. Broadening Reach: By transforming articles into videos, Reeporter enables journalists to reach a wider audience and engage more fashion and beauty enthusiasts on social media.


Fashion and beauty publishers play a crucial role in inspiring and informing the public about the latest trends and innovations.

But their brand awareness is being reduced by the atention kept by influencers on social networks

Lifestyle, fashion and beauty publishers can / must enlarge their reach on social networks by turning and sharing their articles to short videos.

At Reeporter, we are aware of how time consumling content creation is and are proud to support fashion and beauty journalism by offering innovative solutions to transform articles into captivating videos in minutes.

Our commitment to quality, accuracy, and engagement ensures that your fashion and beauty content stands out and captures the audience’s attention.