Our ethics

Promoting and defending Information and Journalism

We aim to defend quality information, journalism, and verified news while contributing to the fight against fake news and conspiratorial propaganda. By enabling publishers to broadcast their articles in a summarized video format, we hope to allow true information to find the place it deserves on social networks.

Enhancing the Publishing Profession Through Video

By allowing publishers from all themes to broadcast their articles in a short video format, we wish to enable them to enhance the work of editorial teams and increase their media value beyond their website.

Adapting Sites to New Usages

By adding short videos that summarize their articles, publishers can more easily capture the audience’s attention and broaden access to their content.

All readers will then have the opportunity to read the full article if the subject interests them.

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright

Our solutions are based on the existing content of each publisher.

The texts and media used in the created videos come from the unique content of each site, or each media group.

Publishers can create and add their avatars, and journalists can choose to use their face as the article’s avatar.

It is possible to opt for an abstract summary using ChatGTP instead of a proper summary of each article, but this is not the default option utilized by the solution.