Turning articles to videos with AI in minutes

Newspapers and magazines are the bedrock of our society’s culture and education.

We’re living through a media mutation where social networks are devouring all the attention of Gen Z and millenials, replacing information and culture with influence (or worse, propaganda).

It is therefore vital for media publishers to regain the upper hand by developing their reach and notoriety on social networks through video.

With Reeporter AI, publishers save an incredible amount of time, by simply copying the url of an article to transform it into a short video that integrates the narrative codes of social networks.

How does our article to video solution work?

Our video solution enables any content editor to automatically generate a vertical video that summarizes and illustrates the article in just a few minutes, simply from the article link.

The video summarizes the article and illustrates it with images and videos from the website. Publisher can decide to add a voice over or not , and also, to add talking avatars, or not.

We first automatically create a storyboard from the article, that the publisher can check and edit before creating the final video.

Once the video storyboard is ready, you can add some heart and soul in it:

Our studio offers all the features needed to edit and animate texts and images, add or replace videos, add additional elements, create templates with brand-specific design, fonts and colors, modify voice-overs and even animate faces to make them talk!

Once the storyboard has been validated, simply click on “Create video” to generate the video and download it after a few minutes.

Our platform meets the needs of publishers with a single site, as well as those of media groups with subsidiaries and numerous sites that can be managed from a single global account. Each site can have its own templates and editorial setup to meet the editorial and design requirements of publishers.

Some sites are structured in a particular way that may require settings that users mastering HTML can do on their own.

For publishers who wish, we offer sharp personalized customization services that allow to automatically and repeatedly obtain videos that perfectly meet the graphical and semantic requirements of the publisher (click here to see our services)