Create Google Web Stories with AI from articles in minutes

Paste any URL from your website and turn it to a Google Web Story that uses your words and your images.

The new created web story will also include all Instagram, X (Twitter), Tiktok content from the article.


Create the story templates you need, add your own backgrounds and logos, and automatically create web stories from your article URLs.
The story can be created in draft mode and go through an editing and validation workflow before being published.

We make specific settings for each site according to its design and content typologies, to automate their transformation into vertical web stories available for the web and the social networks.

Host on your site

Host web stories directly on your websites in just a few clicks, whether you’re using WordPress or not.


Use our premium support services to optimize your web stories audience (SEO) and optimize ads revenues.

Referred by Google

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WordPress plugin available

If you’re using wordpress, install our plugin to transfer and/or publish all automatically created stories to your website.