Real time video creation demo with an article from

Here is a real time example of a demo test of creation of a video out from a article.

We have chosen this article :

Jason Kelce called Taylor Swift’s ‘brother-in-law’ during surprise Wrestlemania appearance

Link :

Reeporter AI works exceptionally well and is highly productive in topics such as celebrities, sports, news and entertainment.

The result of this experience are :

Total creation time of the video: 13min

Total time bot work : 6min 7s

Total human editing time : 4min 9s

Total video export time : 3min 6s

Below you’ll find a real-time video of the creation and editing process (approx. 15 minutes) and an accelerated version (less than 3 minutes).

We also provide custom set up for premium publishers that allow to get full automated processes for both stories and videos creation (no editing needed)

The long version above lasts 13 min

And here is the accelerated video version from the long form above:

The short version above lasts 2 min 41 sec

Now it’s your turn!

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