Real time video creation demo with an article from

This is a real time experience of an article from turned into a video.

We have chosen the article about “Alec Baldwin had ‘no control of his own emotions’ on ‘Rust’ set, prosecutors claim in new legal filing”

The result of this experience are :

Total creation time : 16min 20sec

Total Time bot work : 3min 41sec

Total Editing time : 6min 51sec

Total Video export time : 3min 22sec

Here you’ll find a real-time video showcasing the creation and editing process (approximately 15 minutes) alongside an accelerated version (less than 3 minutes).

Here’s the full-length video

The long version above lasts 16 min 22 sec

And below its short version

The short version above lasts 2 min 26 sec

Now it’s your turn!

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