How to host my web stories on my own domain?

Question : “Can I have my web stories hosted on my own domain?”

The answer is : Yes!

There is 2 possibilities to host your web stories on your own domain

1/ Create  a subdomain like the exemple below  in your DNS and route it to as a CNAME : 

Zmooz Web stories domains

Then go to Reeporter Studio and click here : https://studio.reeporter/settings/subdomains 

Then follow the process in the video :

2/ If you want to have your stories hosted on a directory like

Then follow the steps :

1/ Go to Reeporter Studio and paste the URL of one of your stories

2/ In the left menu, go to settings/ syudomains or click here :  https://studio.reeporter/settings/subdomains 

3/ On the top right side of the screen click on Add New

4/ Then fill up the form as described and save.

5/ In your NGNIX or equivalent add this configuration :location /stories {
proxy_set_header Host $host;


Then you are all set.

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